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Svetozar Serafimovski

Consultant verification and validation


Svetozar is a mathematician and expert in validation and verification of safety critical systems. He has extensive knowledge of method and process development for specification and verification of railway signalling systems. Svetozar has been project leader for several Nordic railway projects applying formal verification techniques.

E-mail: firstname.surname@nyaindustrilogik.se

Telephone: + 46 708 59 20 99



Filip Widebäck

Consultant verification and validation


Filip is a logician and expert in validation and verification of safety critical systems.  He has participated in several projects concerning formal verification of safety critical systems, in particular within the railway and nuclear energy sectors. He is an expert in development of formal methods languages and tools. Filip has also long experience from projects concerning operational rules for railways.

E-mail: firstname.surname@nyaindustrilogik.se

Telephone:  + 46 767 85 56 44


Bengt Hultin

Consultant rail traffic


Bengt is an expert on safety management systems and operational rules, Swedish as well as European. Bengt has long experience in the areas of railway traffic and rolling stock. He has also worked with approval processes and participated in accident investigations.


E-mail: firstname.surname@nyaindustrilogik.se

Telephone: + 46 706 18 42 06




Samuel Edén

Managing Director, Consultant ERTMS/ETCS


Samuel is an expert in ERTMS and ETCS functionality for onboard as well as wayside systems. He has long experience in developing requirement specifications, reviewing system documentation, risk analysis and testing. Samuel has also extensive knowledge about the functionality of the Swedish railway interlocking and train traffic control systems.

E-mail: firstname.surname@nyaindustrilogik.se

Telephone: + 46 703 39 18 76

Lars-Henrik Eriksson

Expert tool development and formal methods


Lars-Henrik is a computer scientist and expert in railway signalling.  He has long experience in education and development of tool for formal methods. He has extensive experience of formal verification of railway signalling systems and of formal requirement specifications.


E-mail: firstname.surname@nyaindustrilogik.se
Telephone: + 46 705 36 39 16


Martin Aronsson

Expert industrial applications


Martin is a computer scientists and expert in industrial applications in the railway area. Martin has extensive experience in applying formal methods to railway signalling and in development of support systems for timetable construction.


E-mail: firstname.surname@nyaindustrilogik.se

Telephone: + 46 706 24 84 26





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